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Pro Se. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF GUAM Plaintiff v. DOB Defendant. Superior Court Case No. DM COMPLAINT FOR DIVORCE I. SO ORDERED JUDGE Superior Court of Guam FINAL DECREE OF DIVORCE Plaintiff has made an application to the Court that the Interlocutory Judgment of Divorce be declared final pursuant to 19 GCA 8322. IT IS FINALLY ORDERED that the Plaintiff be restored to her maiden name to wit NOTICE OF HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on at or soon thereafter as the matter can be heard will...
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Today on divorce court since we've been married it's like the nagging the attitude is becoming unbearable if she doesn't get something her way then its World War three she calls me all types of names just starting to take a toll on my manhood I love my husband dearly but between working and his obsession with smoking weed it seems like he doesn't have time for me and the kids I'm young and hot, and you know I can't just sit around and be in a marriage that's not working divorce court is now in session good day ladies and gentlemen I'm here with Shine way ban and Leo way ban Mr. and Mrs. way ban you have been married for two years, although you have been together for four years you have one child together Mrs. way ban you have one of the most interesting stories about how you met and how you first became friends with the way band please tell it to me well we initially met you know through social media, and we would chill and hang out I moved away from Virginia I had to come back to Virginia for some court issues when I went to court they told me I was late, and I had a warrant for my arrest, so they arrested me in court I had my daughter with me and my friend at the time, and they told me that I had to leave my daughter with him or call CPS and how old was the daughter she was two so um I began to your know panic, but I had to make a decision right At that moment, so I made a decision to have her go with him Mr. we Ben did that scare you a little yeah two-year-old did you have any little brothers and sisters other children kid I never took care of didn't know what to do didn't know what to do that make you love a guy right huh why don't you tell me now that you've married you married for two years why is this relationship in trouble first he's obsessed with weed he highs the way he is so stingy with it too like, so you not man but you smoking-room, but he won't share you go to work I hide the weed I have to call him and be like where we were is the week and sometimes because it's like the houses I don't have time to search the whole house for we's high it's hidden in between his hats in the drawers the laundry room he's very creative he hides it in a different spot every day, and it's like wow now Mr. Webb and I report there smoking a weed splashing a home with children in if it's not cool it's not good they could get a hold of it you hide not really to get you know you just sit there kind of chilling there doing this that and whatever, but the do have done you hide it from your wife some time to time yes will she smoke up your weed if you're not exactly why I had it exactly why I had it I feel like I work hard for it, so I want to smoke it when awesome when I'm trying time for the Wii I'll go to jail I feel like when I work I want to chill smoke my weed how do I smoke it up if you smoke more than me though I can literally go no let's look let's not get CPS involved again miss away Ben you said you're a stay-at-home mom right yeah yeah I don't...
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